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Northern Edge Physical Therapy Wasilla Alaska
Northern Edge Physical Therapy Wasilla is the leader in hands-on care with excellence in manual therapy and specialized programs. Our treatment approach relies upon sound clinical experience and evidence supported practice with novel approaches to accelerate recovery from orthopedic injury and enhance healing for musculoskeletal conditions and complex pain-related syndromes. Northern Edge Physical Therapy in Wasilla, Alaska is a community of passionate caregivers and dedicated support staff. Our goal is to facilitate natural healing and pain-relief that does not just treat the condition, but treats the individual client.

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6 Tips to Triumph Over Pain

We all experience pain, some of us more than others. Whether you have suffered from pain or are helping someone who has, this book is for you. Upon reading it, you will find that the design of pain − the WHY behind it − is at once fascinating and surprising. Even more important is the realization that you can interrupt, reduce and possibly resolve your pain.

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