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Pelvic Pain Treatment in Wasilla, Alaska

Northern Edge Physical Therapy understands the challenges faced by those suffering and seeking pelvic pain relief in Wasilla. Whether the problems involve urinary incontinence or urgency, sexual dysfunction, or painful intercourse, Northern Edge has the expertise to restore pelvic function. Other symptoms may include pain in the hip or buttock, a painful lower abdomen, or pain in the pelvic joints.

Many clients have a difficult time bringing up pelvic floor issues as they are often regarded as embarrassing or irrelevant. Given the intimate nature of these symptoms, many people only seek treatment after symptoms are nearly unbearable or full-fledged. The good news is that there is hope for people struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and associated pain symptoms. We offer specialized programs to help achieve pelvic pain relief.

What Our Clients Say

The pelvic health program includes therapeutic treatment to help men and women suffering from pelvic pain or incontinence. Our gentle methods include pelvic floor muscle examination and therapy to directly address soft-tissue problems which limit pelvic control and urogenital function. The pelvic floor muscles are often weakened or injured due to sports-related injuries, surgery, repetitive stress, pregnancy and childbirth. Often times, direct manual treatment to the pelvic floor is the only approach that will yield significant relief and improved function. Northern Edge Physical Therapy offers pelvic pain relief in Wasilla to restore pain-free pelvic function.

We provide a comprehensive Pelvic Health program which includes pelvic floor manual therapy, exercise and postural training with the revolutionary Redcord system to relieve pain and improve healing. Our therapists have completed advanced training and developed clinical skills to provide you a safe and supportive environment with the most effective treatment techniques available for your pelvic condition.

How We Treat It

Fortunately, we have effective treatments for your pelvic floor. At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, our team of skilled and compassionate professionals will create a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs and goals. This may include a combination of exercises to improve core strength, manual therapy to reduce pain or restrictions, and education on core development.

What You Can Do

Don’t let pelvic floor weakness control your life any longer. Book an appointment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy today and start your journey to recovery. Our team is ready to help you overcome this condition and get back to living your best life. Plus, the sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances are of a quick and successful recovery. Don’t delay – book your appointment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy now.

Meet Your Provider

Dr. Ashley Granath

Physical Therapist

Dr. Ashley Granath focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor.  She has helped 100s of women recover function.  Many patients of hers have reported a renewed passion in their relationships. 

Dr. Granath has several years of experience in both the medical field and the fitness industry. She worked as a medical assistant before she became a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She joined the team at Northern Edge Physical Therapy in 2013 as a Physical Therapy Tech. She is always looking to learn more about the human body to explore movement and function, and recently completed a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. She loves teaching clients how to improve their health by emphasizing nutrition and restoring fitness. Her daily routine is to help others meet their health and wellness goals.



Northern Edge Physical Therapy has the most advanced analysis and recovery equipment in the state of Alaska.

Comprehensive care

Our treatment approach is different because it’s centered on you, the client.

One-on-one treatment

While you will have the support of a team at Northern Edge Physical Therapy, you will have a primary physical therapist who is with you every step of the way managing your care and monitoring your progress.

Tailored treatment

Your treatment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy is specific to your needs and goals.  We provide each client a custom roadmap to wellness with appointments, activities, and timeline. 

Get The Care You Need

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