Physical Therapy Insurance in Wasilla

Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

Free Insurance Evaluation

Believe it or not, your insurance most likely covers your visit to Northern Edge Physical Therapy. We do a free evaluation of your insurance coverage.

No surprises is our #1 billing policy.

Knowing exactly what insurance covers and what it does not is important to us and to our clients. Our billing department stays current with the latest in insurance policy changes. When we recommend treatment, we outline exactly your out-of-pocket costs.

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Do I need a Doctor referral for my visit to be covered?
No, most visits to a physical therapist do not need a doctor referral.
Will I Ever Be Surprised By A Bill?
No surprises is our #1 billing policy.
Who Pays For The Treatment
In most cases, health insurance will cover all or a portion of the treatment costs. There may be out of pocket expenses (such as co-payments or deductibles) that the patient may be required to pay, which is determined by the patient’s insurance provider. We will always let you know in advance.

Our patients without insurance coverage or who are Out of Network with Professional can also opt to pay for treatment directly Out of Pocket.

Can I go to Northern Edge Physical Therapy?
Yes, you have the right to choose any Physical Therapy clinic. Our practice is in network with various insurance plans.
How does the billing process work?
Billing for Physical Therapy services is similar to billing for a doctor’s visit.


“I sent them my insurance information and found out that, yes, my insurance covered treatment without a doctor referral.”

– Ross Johnston, Anchorage
“I made the switch from a different physical therapist and I am forever thankful I did.”

– Tess Burton, Wasilla
“The ladies at the front desk are VERY helpful and will work with you on all your scheduling needs to fit your busy schedules!”

– Jeff Perdue, Wasilla

Free Insurance Evaluation

Would you like to know more about your insurance benefits before visiting Northern Edge Physical Therapy?

Please give us a call with your insurance information handy.  (907)-631-4029