Functional Recovery

“I couldn’t lift my right arm over my head it was so stiff.”

Get Back To Life

You should not have to avoid activities. 

At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, every client receives a program designed to restore mobility, strength and power to ward off the risks of reinjury and allow full return to your activities.

We recover function by determining the actual problem. It’s likely a weak or restricted link in the movement chain which is causing tissues be stressed and overloaded. With our thorough history and examination we can peel back the layers of the actual problems which cause pain. 

We use advanced testing like ultrasound imaging and movement analysis to determine the best course of treatment to get results. Our treatment includes methods like dry needling and manual therapy to encourage tissue healing. 

Trusted By Your Friends & Neigbors

“Keith and Alison spent a considerable amount of time evaluating my posture, my gait, my specific areas of pain (and even areas I’d never considered before), before giving me a diagnosis, the explanations, and planned exercises. My body now feels like it’s been listened to!”

James Wallace, Wasilla

“Staff listen to patients regarding pain, muscle twinges,etc. Staff is very attentive, professional & caring, always ready to answer questions.”

Gail Clinch, Wasilla

“First time in 25 yrs that I have felt some relief in my pain. The staff is Amazing and very attentive to their clientele. I would and have recommended them to all!”

Amber Hill, Wasilla

“Everyone – front desk, PT professionals and PT techs – are helpful, professional and caring Chose them because of their expertise working with clients who experience chronic pain.”

Charlene Davis, Wasilla

Your Path To Recovery Begins Here

We treat a range of issues from limb paralysis to arthritis, incontinence to herniated discs. What you need to know is that you are not alone. We have a team that has helped people just like you.

Despite the body’s amazing ability to regenerate, external factors such as chronic inflammation, advanced age, or pinched nerves may keep the body from fully healing.

Doctors at Northern Edge Physical Therapy are highly trained in kinesiology, and will help reverse inflammation and treat trigger points.

Come To Northern Edge Physical Therapy First

When you are a hammer, every thing looks like a nail. Surgeons often recommend surgery first because that is what they know. There are other, more natural solutions.

Our physical therapists are specifically trained to work with you to restore your activity, strength, and motion without surgery. We employ specific exercises, stretches, and techniques that will help your body heal itself. Our specialized, leading edge equipment help us diagnose and treat conditions that others find untreatable.

“Surgeons predictions was that I could not have a full recovery.”

Meet Keith Poorbaugh

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh
Owner / Physical Therapist

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh has worked with Olympic athletes, High School champs, and Iditarod legends. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to take your game to the next level or an amateur who wants optimum performance, Dr. Keith Poorbaugh can help you.
Dr. Poorbaugh has completed specialty certifications, internships and a residency fellowship to develop mastery of manual therapy skills and clinical expertise. Throughout 20 years of clinical experience, he has discovered that athletes consistently achieve more when they focus on movement holistically. His personal challenge to achieve excellence is never ending, as a lifelong learner and mentor.

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