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“I wanted to be at my peak and knew I couldn’t do it alone.”

Top performing athletes are defined by mere seconds and inches. Tiny differences are what separate a touchdown from a tackle, a ski champion from a fall, and an iditarod winner from a scratch. That’s why athletes looking to get an edge, come to Northern Edge Physical Therapy.

Our physical therapy team will put together an integrated training regiment that helps elite athletes prepare for upcoming competitions, maintains fitness levels, and acts as a preventative measure against potential injuries.

Our therapists identify the tiny biomechanical flaws that can separate regular athletes from elite performers. As movement specialists, we are trained to identify and correct inefficiencies in the body that can not only prevent injury but improve performance.

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Athlete Testimonials

Dee Dee Jonrowe

Berrington Twins

Meet Keith Poorbaugh

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh
Owner / Physical Therapist

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh has worked with Olympic athletes, High School champs, and Iditarod legends. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to take your game to the next level or an amateur who wants optimum performance, Dr. Keith Poorbaugh can help you.
Dr. Poorbaugh has completed specialty certifications, internships and a residency fellowship to develop mastery of manual therapy skills and clinical expertise. Throughout 20 years of clinical experience, he has discovered that athletes consistently achieve more when they focus on movement holistically. His personal challenge to achieve excellence is never ending, as a lifelong learner and mentor.

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