Improvement Begins With MeasurementPerformance BaselineMaximize your life and fitness with a comprehensive overview of your muskoskeletal system

“Having a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses gave me the ability to push myself to the next level.”

It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure.

Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the only clinic in the state that does a power and performance baseline that will map your strength and mobility throughout the entire musculoskeletal system.

Your performance and power baseline will give you an overview of joint and full body mobility, stability, balance, and strength.
Finding ‘Fails’ is exciting because it details a potential issue that, if cleaned up, can unlock the door to further athletic gains, unlock stiffnes, and can reduce the risk for injury.

Get back to life with Northern Edge Physical Therapy.

Power & Performance Baseline Testimonials

“These folks fixed me right proper the first go ’round!”

Josh N., Dry Needling Customer

“Some days I get dry needing other days some massage which is nice to change it up a bit.”

Jessica Carter, Dry Needling Customer
“Been coming here for a 8 months using dry needling with Garrick. It has helped my shoulder better then anything in the last 10 years.”

Jacob Philbin, Dry Needling Customer

“I am getting better strength and flexibility already only after 3 visits.”

G Glarin, Dry Needling Customer

Meet Dr. Carlos Glines PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Carlos Glines has helped many athletes achieve greater power and mobility by identifying restrictions and weaknesses. The Power & Performance baseline is but one tool in his arsenal.

Growing up in Southern California Carlos spent much of his early years in the water. He was always active athletically as a surfer, water polo player and Junior Olympic swimmer. This path led to his first job as an ocean lifeguard where he performed thousands of rescues and medical aids in his 20-year career. In 2008 he received the Award of Valor from the City of Huntington Beach for one such rescue.

Looking to transition into another rewarding career Carlos earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Eastern Washington University in 2020. He was drawn to the profession by a passion for human performance and a desire to help others reach their movement goals.

Carlos recently moved to Alaska where he is excited to explore everything the state has to offer. He loves spending time in the mountains snowboarding, cycling, and backpacking. He has been awestruck by the beauty of the Mat-Su Valley and couldn’t be happier with his new home.

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“I can’t say enough GREAT things about Norther Edge. From the ladies at reception(always smiling, great moods and willing to help)to the PTs and athletic trainers. Caring, easy to work with and concerns for the clients. A GREAT team!!!!!!!

Celeste Snyder

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