I started my physical therapy career at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. This was quite an accomplishment or just pure luck for a guy that exited the military with more dreams than marketable skills. But the most important thing I learned in the military was to hit the ground running. I graduated at the top of my class, but I quickly realized that most PT programs simply provide the basic tools to be a clinician. That simply was not enough, my dream was to be an expert clinician and superb caregiver. To understand the body’s response to injury or pain and learn to provide meaningful intervention that yielded results. Nothing short of this would suffice. Hence, I have never tired of this challenge to be an expert clinician because there is always another discovery around the next bend. It is typical for me to be attending or teaching a course every month of the year, except summer (gotta get my fish and moose). It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to develop skills and methods that allows patients/clients to heal and improve their lives. I will always be committed to providing the most compassionate and skilled care to every client I have the privilege to serve. There is no other way that makes sense.

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