Redcord Therapy

Redcord Physical Therapy in Wasilla, Alaska

Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the right choice for your Redcord Therapy. We are the only physical therapy practice in the state of Alaska that offers clients excellence in physical therapy with specialized programs such as; Dry Needling, Redcord, AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill, Low-level Laser Therapy, and Massage Therapy.


How does it work?

Redcord is a revolutionary exercise method that originated in Norway. It has developed an international recognition as an effective approach to performance enhancement and sports rehabilitation. Redcord is utilized in over 30 countries worldwide. It is one of the most proven methods of exercise to improve fitness and recover from chronic injuries making it preferred by world class athletes. Redcord suspension exercise utilizes the body-weight as resistance and facilitates development of core control. The nature of suspension exercise provides unsteadiness and 3D movement patterns to challenge the entire neuromuscular system. This type of training is an advanced mode of sports physical therapy which enhances dynamic joint stability, muscle co-activation and muscle synergies which are critical to improved performance.

How long does Redcord take, and how many times do I need it?

Each treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and should be repeated two or more times a week. Northern Edge Physical Therapy will conduct a detailed screen using the Redcord equipment to identify limits and barriers to function. The frequency and duration of treatments depends upon your initial level of function and the goals for participation. Ultimately, you will elect the number of sessions.

How effective is Redcord?

Many studies on motor control suggest that muscle recruitment must be retrained to restore normal movement and function. This is especially important for complete recovery and enhanced performance after previous injury, instability or weakness.

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  • Altered recruitment patterns can persist after pain is gone. Moseley and Hodges 2008

Studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Redcord therapy:

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