Spine Treatment

Physical Therapy for the Spine in Wasilla, Alaska

Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the right choice for your spine treatment in Wasilla, Alaska. We are the only physical therapy practice in the state of Alaska that offers clients excellence in physical therapy with specialized programs such as; Dry NeedlingRedcordAlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill, Low-level Laser Therapy, and Massage Therapy.

Spinal conditions are quite common but finding the right spine treatment can be difficult. Our Spine Care program is individually tailored to the patient. Our therapists have achieved a high level of excellence in treating spinal conditions. Our secret to success is quite simple, we listen to patients and continually strive to discover the links between spinal pain and the underlying problems. One of the key features of spinal pain is that it must be respected as a separate entity. This is the confounding issue in back and neck pain which often dooms traditional treatment methods to failure. Northern Edge Physical Therapy offers spine treatment in Wasilla to help identify the underlying problems, achieve back pain relief and enhance performance.

Our concept for spinal rehabilitation is based upon recent scientific evidence which indicates that deficits in stability and mobility must be addressed to restore spinal health. Over 15yrs of clinical experience in treating spinal disorders, has helped us realize that exercise can be an effective tool to restore a balance between mobility and stability. But the exercise must be pain-free and it must be specific to selectively activate muscles responsible for controlling spinal movement. This is the primary purpose of Neurac therapy using the Redcord system to retrain stability of the spine through multilevel suspension and selective resistance to activate specific muscle chains without causing pain. Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the only clinic in Alaska that offers this revolutionary spine treatments to clients suffering from back and neck pain.

At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, we believe it is vitally important to use the most valuable tool we have to treat the spine – our hands. Our therapists are certified and fellowship trained as expert manual physical therapists to mobilize soft-tissue and joints in order to restore spinal mobility. Our Spine Care exercise programs follow the basic premise of medical care ‘Primum Non Nocere’ (First, do no harm). Rather, than prescribing general exercise, our programs focus on individualized training and skilled movement patterns to restore muscle control and spinal stability that encourages proper posture and body mechanics.

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