Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation Physical Therapy in Wasilla, Alaska

The Industrial rehabilitation program is geared towards getting the injured worker back to work while reducing risks for re-injury. Our industrial rehab programs emphasize pain-free exercise that simulates a variety of work situations to address major critical demands of most jobs. We have developed a successful work conditioning program designed to restore functional and physical capacity for work-related tasks that allows earlier return to work. Northern Edge Physical Therapy offers industrial rehabilitation physical therapy programs in Wasilla to aid employees in returning to work as quickly as possible.









We offer the most advanced rehab setting for Alaskan workers and utilizes the Occupro system for comprehensive functional capacity evaluations. These leading edge systems simulate work-related tasks, objectively evaluate patient effort and progression and provide comprehensive post-offer employment screenings. Utilizing Northern Edge Physical Therapy as your provider allows injured employees the opportunity to rehabilitate using the best equipment the industry has to offer.

We understand the challenges faced by those suffering from work-related injuries and our seeking industrial rehabilitation in Wasilla. Our therapists have completed advanced training and residency programs in industrial rehabilitation to offer you the most effective methods to facilitate recovery. Our clinicians are experienced and skilled to provide you with the latest and most effective treatment techniques available for your work-related condition.

We offer excellence in physical therapy with specialized programs such as;  Dry NeedlingRedcordAlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill, Low-level Laser Therapy, and Massage Therapy.

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"I will recommend them above all to anyone that needs a PT, because of them I can continue my passion in MMA training."

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