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To Your Hip Pain

At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, we first address where the pain is originating from.

“I found it hard to sleep, hard to get out of bed. The pain radiated from my hip.”

Most people feel like they have tried everything to make hip pain go away but nothing provides long term relief.

At NEPT, we believe that pain is not the issue. Pain is a warning signal, like a stop sign.

Far too often, the medical field is quick to prescribe opiates and send their patients out the door. This may control pain for a period of time, but it simply addresses the symptoms without addressing the severe functional limitations that caused the pain.

At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, we first address where the pain is originating from. Most often pain is not from where you feel it, but is related to muscles and movement in other parts of the body that are not functioning correctly. Once we have interpreted your pain signals, we can then proceed with treatment. A person with back pain most often receives a combination of dry needling and movement therapy.

Many patients, after only a couple visits, have reported a substantial lessening of pain and a return to normalcy.

What Our Clients Say

Meet Your Provider

Dr. Jimmy Sliwa

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jimmy Sliwa has helped 100’s of patients with severe hip pain live a pain free and fully functional life.  He has an uncanny ability of releasing the restriction that causes the pain through movement therapy and dry needling.  Most patients report a full recovery under his guidance.

Born and raised in the Mat-Su Valley, Jimmy Sliwa is excited for the opportunity to establish his career in the community he grew up in. Jimmy continued his education and graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University in 2016. Upon graduation, Jimmy and his wife Anna returned to Alaska, where he was born and raised, to plant their family roots.



Northern Edge Physical Therapy has the most advanced analysis and recovery equipment in the state of Alaska.

Comprehensive care

Our treatment approach is different because it’s centered on you, the client.

One-on-one treatment

While you will have the support of a team at Northern Edge Physical Therapy, you will have a primary physical therapist who is with you every step of the way managing your care and monitoring your progress.

Tailored treatment

Your treatment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy is specific to your needs and goals.  We provide each client a custom roadmap to wellness with appointments, activities, and timeline. 

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