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Joint Pain Treatment in Wasilla, Alaska

Joint problems differ based upon age, activity, and general well-being. The human body relies upon joints for stability and movement. Joint stability allows us to exert force and withstand the loads of an active lifestyle. Joint movement gives us the ability to be independent and resourceful. Stability and movement are closely related and strongly dependent upon supporting cartilage, muscles and ligaments. A young athlete may develop joint instability due to excessive force stressing the joint capsule or ligaments. An older adult can suffer stiff and aching joints due to excessive wear and tear of the joint cartilage. An injury to any of these structures can lead to painful limits and impaired joint function.

The challenge with joint pain is pinpointing which structures are injured and determining the most promising treatments. Lack of specific diagnosis and treatment may be the reason some joint problems tend to become chronic. Northern Edge Physical Therapy understands the challenges faced by those seeking joint pain relief. Our examination is designed to be specific allowing us to identify structures which are either causing pain or delaying healing. Our joint pain treatment is directed towards the pain and the barriers to healing. We offer specialized treatment programs to help achieve pain-relief and enhance performance.

“Been coming here for a 8 months using dry needling with Garrick. It has helped my shoulder better then anything in the last 10 years. Highly recommended!”

Jacob Philbin

“Just had my third visit and already feeling better love the friendly and helpful staff”

Wanda “Sharee Love” Ballard

“The best PT office in the Valley!  Excellent staff from front office to physical therapists and exercise specialists.  Highly recommend!  They treat each patient individually meeting specific needs.”

 Kathy Voran

“This was the best experience I’ve ever had at a medical clinic, and that’s no exaggeration.”

 James Wallace


  • Here is what happens: Joint pain usually occurs when there’s an injury that causes direct damage to tissue, such as a tear or sprain.  The incident may occur so rapidly that the supporting structures (muscles, ligaments and joints) don’t have enough time to react. This delayed reaction can be altered by the type of movement, level of awareness, body position and general health (physical and emotional) condition.
  • Until you get better: Movement is the fuel of all life and promotes healing. Some movement is better than none especially in the case of joint pain. Healing is often delayed in situations where anxiety and fear of re-injury prevents movement.
  • Repeat injury: Inflammation prevents nutrients from reaching injured tissues. Some inflammation is natural during the healing process but it can become excessive and persistent due to inactivity, stress, repeated trauma and lack of treatment. Other weakened or deconditioned areas not affected by the original injury can become painful and limited due to persistent inflammation and lack of movement.
  • Trigger pain reflex: Pain triggers a reflexive change in movement patterns. Movement becomes un-natural and leads to imbalanced posture, uncontrolled motion and excessive guarding. Pain can easily become a training aide that reshapes movement patterns and alters muscle activation in efforts to protect and shield tissues/joints from further injury. However, just like inflammation this pain driven reflex can become excessive and persistent.

How We Treat It

Fortunately, we have effective treatments for joint pain. At Northern Edge Physical Therapy, our team of skilled and compassionate professionals will create a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs and goals. This may include a combination of exercises to improve strength and flexibility, manual therapy to reduce inflammation and pain, and education on proper posture and body mechanics to prevent future flare-ups.

What You Can Do

Don’t let bursitis control your life any longer. Book an appointment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy today and start your journey to recovery. Our team is ready to help you overcome this condition and get back to living your best life. Plus, the sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances are of a quick and successful recovery. Don’t delay – book your appointment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy now.

Meet Your Provider

Dr. Garrick Herr

Garrick has always has a passion for helping others and has helped many recover from joint pain. It only took a brief job shadow to start him on the path to becoming a physical therapist. He completed Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Promotion from Canadian University College in Alberta Canada. During college, he managed to find time to play competitive hockey and become director for a local youth mentorship program.

Garrick graduated in 2006 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from Loma Linda University in California. He knew Alaska was the place to call home. He moved to Wasilla and started practicing Physical Therapy with an emphasis on Orthopedics.

Over the last decade Garrick has cared for thousands of clients in the Mat-Su Valley. He has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education, and works closely with clients to help them overcome pain and functional limits so they can return to work and get back to enjoying all that Alaska has to offer.

Garrick believes that helping people goes beyond the walls of the clinic, he has given his time volunteering for local groups such as; Family Promise, Walk for Hope, Special Olympics, and coaching local youth hockey organizations.

In his spare time he enjoys backcountry snowboarding, hockey, snow-machining, flying, and spending time in nature with his young family.



Northern Edge Physical Therapy has the most advanced analysis and recovery equipment in the state of Alaska.

Comprehensive care

Our treatment approach is different because it’s centered on you, the client.

One-on-one treatment

While you will have the support of a team at Northern Edge Physical Therapy, you will have a primary physical therapist who is with you every step of the way managing your care and monitoring your progress.

Tailored treatment

Your treatment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy is specific to your needs and goals.  We provide each client a custom roadmap to wellness with appointments, activities, and timeline. 

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