Vertigo Treatment in Wasilla, Alaska

Northern Edge Physical Therapy is the right choice for your vertigo treatment in Wasilla, Alaska. We are the only physical therapy practice in the state of Alaska that offers clients excellence in physical therapy with specialized programs such as; Dry Needling, Redcord, AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill, Low-level Laser Therapy, and Nutrition Coaching.

Vertigo Treatment Wasilla

Vertigo and Dizziness are among the most common symptoms causing patients to visit a physician (as common as back pain and headaches). Dizziness, loss of balance, and lightheadedness may be symptoms of vestibular dysfunction. Vertigo is described as the feeling of the body rotating related to space or space rotating around the body. This is different from dizziness, light-headedness or loss of balance that are also related to vestibular dysfunction. Falling can be a direct consequence of dizziness and could lead to serious injury or hospitalization.

The challenge with dizziness is proper testing to determine whether the problems involve the inner ear (vestibular system), neurological system or postural problems affecting balance. Lack of specific diagnosis and treatment may be the reason some dizziness tend to become chronic. 


Northern Edge Physical Therapy understands the challenges faced by those suffering from dizziness and those who require vertigo treatment in Wasilla. Our examination is designed to be specific allowing us to identify structures which are either causing dysfunction or delaying healing. Our vertigo treatment plans are directed towards the entire client to address faults or dysfunction in balance and vestibular system while addressing other limits that prevent healing. We offer specialized vertigo treatment programs to help achieve strength, balance and improved performance.

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