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Concussion Therapy

“Ever since I banged my head at work, I just didn’t feel right.”

Confusion, headaches, balance issues, nausea, light senstivity, fatigue, and more are all short term symptoms of a concussion. Every concussion is considered a serious injury.

Concussions or mild traumatic brain injury can result in long term neurological disabilities. Seeking rehabilitation from physical therapists who treat concussion patients should be your top priority. 

Many untreated symptoms of concussions can include:



Slowed “processing”


Difficulty concentrating

Worsening performance





Mood swings



Loss of libido

Growth problems (children)


Weight gain

Chronic headaches

When concussion symptoms do not go away in the expected time frame. These symptoms may need further testing and treatment.

What Our Clients Say

Treatment May Include:

Rest and recovery

A period of rest helps the brain heal and helps symptoms clear up as quickly as possible. Our physical therapist will prescribe the rest and recovery program most appropriate for your condition. Our physical therapist will help you and your family understand why you should limit any kind of activity (daily tasks, work, school, sports, recreation, the use of electronics) after a concussion, until it is safe to return to these activities.

Strengthening & Endurance

The rest required after a concussion can result in muscle weakness, and a decrease in physical endurance. It is common for elite-level athletes and fit “weekend warriors” to experience exercise intolerance with concussion and brain injury. Your physical therapist will work with you to identify and treat your particular concussion symptoms. It is important to have someone who can help you regain your strength and endurance without making your concussion symptoms worse.

Our physical therapist will design a therapeutic exercise program just for you, and closely monitor your symptoms as you participate in our program.

Improving balance

If you have dizziness following a concussion, a type of physical therapy called vestibular physical therapy can help. The vestibular system, which includes the inner ear and its connections with the brain, helps keep your balance and prevent dizziness. Our qualified vestibular physical therapists may help reduce or stop your dizziness or balance problems after a concussion by applying special treatments or teaching you specific exercises.

Reducing headaches

Our physical therapist will assess the different possible causes of your headaches, and use specific treatments and exercises to reduce and eliminate them. Treatment may include stretches, strength and motion exercises, eye exercises, hands-on techniques like specialized massage, and the use of technologies such as electrical stimulation.

Returning to normal activity or sport

As symptoms ease and you are able to regain your normal strength and endurance without symptoms returning, your physical therapist will help you gradually add normal activities back into your daily routine. Your physical therapist will help you avoid overloading the brain and nervous system as you increase your activity level. Overloading the brain during activity after a concussion interferes with the healing of the brain tissue, and can make your symptoms return. Your physical therapist will help you return to your normal life and sport activities in the quickest and safest way possible, while allowing your brain to properly heal.

Meet Your Provider

Dr. Etta Robertson

Physical Therapist


My path to becoming a physical therapist began with my family and the realization of the effect pain has on our lives. I grew up going to Chiropractic care regularly and have discovered through various experiences that there was no “quick fix” for pain. I pursued a career in Physical Therapy, graduating in 2017 with my Doctorate and began work as a travel therapist.

I enjoy educating others regarding the musculoskeletal system, and strive to personalize your care with our athletic trainers to help achieve your movement goals. Since joining Northern Edge, I am continually reminded how millimeters matter, and the influence that one restriction in the musculoskeletal system can have on our function.

My husband and I moved to Alaska for the wonderful community and access to the outdoors. We regularly go out backpacking, skiing, packrafting and exploring many places throughout the state. I feel privileged to be able to be a part of the Mat-Su Valley and assist its members with their wellness.

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