Testimonials from our amazing clients

Hi Keith, I haven’t had any pain in my left buttock and leg from that slip on the ice last winter, for quite some time now. Sometime in the winter of 2012 I almost sipped and fell but caught myself and by doing so pulled a muscle or something in my left hip area. I was referred to Northern Edge Physical Therapy by my doctor Ellen Lentz. With my treatment at Northern Edge Physical Therapy I have been just fine. Still doing my daily walks with my sheltie, Ginger. In fact on my last bone density test there was a small improvement over the one done two years prior. If ever there is any thing that happens like this again I will not hesitate to go to Northern Edge Physical Therapy. Thank you all for what was done to help me.

Linda S.

How I feel about Northern Edge Physical Therapy (NEPT):

1. The staff is supportive and caring and easy to work with. Other physical therapists have implied or inferred that it was my fault that I have the problems I have; the staff at NEPT doesn’t think that way, their approach is that ‘we have a problem, let’s see what we can do to fix it’. They are so pro-active!

2. NEPT understands that real people work in Anchorage and have to adjust their schedules to make it to appointments in the Valley. They are flexible when it comes to scheduling. .
I carry Keith’s cards in my wallet and give them to everyone I know!

3. I will always use NEPT, they’ve helped me significantly in the two months I’ve been treated.

4. NEPT, you are the BEST!! Don’t change the way you do business, it really works for me!!

Thank you.

Kit K.

Northern Edge you rock, I feel like a person again, Keith and his staff are awesome, truly. I am so glad they are here in the valley, truly God sent, caring and skilled. I will go forever. lol Thank you thank you!

Dawn Stanberry

I highly recommend Northern Edge Physical Therapy! Last May I had many physical concerns and too much pain to enjoy the summer. I went to see my doctor and she recommended Keith at Northern Edge! I am a teacher and I’m on my feet all day! Last May I could hardly sit or walk. I ended the School year in a lot of pain! I started seeing Keith this summer and things have really turned around for me!!! Keith is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and he is always there to answer all of my questions! Thanks to Keith and Mandy at Northern Edge, I am back on my feet feeling great and having a super school year! Keith and his very professional staff truly care about each patient.

Linda Jo Klapperich

Keith and his crew have the knowledge, the equipment, and the ability to make you want to do your PT.
I highly recommend NorthernEdge to anyone needing therapy. They are the best.

Barbara S

Thank you is so inadequate for letting you know what your team accomplished. I came to Northern Edge with a frozen shoulder and left with a workable shoulder. You and your team are proof that miracles occur when you have the right people. Bless all of you.

Deborah Jones

Thank you for seeing me today! It was nice meeting all of you and I appreciate you taking such great care of me. I felt very comfortable coming in for the first time!

Scott Methven

I would like to thank Northern Edge for their professionalism and their caring attitude. I found their clinic open and comfortable, their staff knowledgeable and welcoming. I would recommend them to anyone who would like to be mentally and physically at the top of their game. Thanks again.

Steven Clay

Excellent physical therapy. Very friendly and helpful support staff

Jean Miller

Clearly this PT walks the extra miles in searching out further treatments and education to offer his clients the very best! Northern Edge uses the latest equipment which is top of the line. Keith was able to pinpoint the cause of my lower back and neck issues whereas other Dr.’s had not! Remarkable, I’m never leaving!

Jo Royal

6 weeks ago I came in to NEPT for leg numbness and muscle tightness. To be honest it has been present for years. My intake revealed several points of muscle imbalance and we got to work right away with Redcord and Dry Needle Therapy. I can honestly say that I have never received such aggressive and individualized care nor have I ever been able to achieve these results, let alone in 6 weeks, in spite of my best previous attempts. The attention to detail during sessions is second to none and I look forward to what the next 6 weeks of therapy will do. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a person in search of maximizing your overall health, I highly recommend Northern Edge Physical Therapy.

Melanie Redington

I visited Alaska this past year and went to Northern Edge PT for a massage. It was one of the most relaxing atmospheres and I felt wonderful. I usually travel to Alaska at least once a year, and I plan on revisiting Northern Edge PT each time I come. I would recommend their business to anyone. They are a great group of caring helping staff.

Sandy Trewick

I traveled to Alaska last year and was having some trouble with my wrist. Keith was able to set me up in a brace and work on some manipulation with me during my stay. By the time I left my wrist was feeling great! I am now back home in South Dakota where I play golf regularly and hunt. My hand gives me no trouble at all. Thanks Keith!

Tom Trewick

The staff is wonderful! Beyond compare. The high tech equipment would not work as well if it wasn’t for the excellent well trained staff. The staff makes everything run smooth and makes the experience a joy. Between the Redcord system, Dry Needling and exercises I have had great results. Thank you Northern Edge PT

Ken Langlois

Keith and his crew are the best in the state. I have had 26 major surgeries in the past 9 years with several different physical therapists working on my rehab after each surgery. Keith was the only one that was able to help me recover from chronic pain in my upper back and neck. Now, we are working on my knees and I am improving each and every day. I am keeping myself active by doing daily exercises and gardening while learning how to prevent the domino effect of one injury causing another down the road. Keith and his staff are committed to helping people who are willing to step up and make the effort to reach their goals. His staff are awesome! I am so glad Keith and his family decided to move to the valley. Keep up the great work you guys!

Cynthia Keith

In my mid 40s, I found my life unexpectedly derailed by lumbar spine problems and access to timely and optimal medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. My effort to obtain support from the administrative agents that control my access to health care was opposed despite my deteriorating health, and physicians’ written recommendations/concerns. While working for months to overcome this opposition and delay, my once healthy life deteriorated out of control, unable to work, in severe pain and unable to function as my unmet medical/surgical needs intensified.

Instead of being able to obtain administrative support and access my physicians’ recommended care, I was instead encouraged to choose between two unacceptable options: 1. Consent to a surgery recommended solely by my employer/medical insurer against the professional advice of my physicians. Or 2. Disregard recommended surgical repair and remaining on the ruinous path intended to mask my pain with a cocktail of potent medications indefinitely despite their severe health risks anddebilitating side effects.

I found myself shamefullyabandoned by the system that I worked within for decades. I found that my administration and health insurer was able to block my access to the same professionally recommended health care being provided to others. I found that myurgent medical needs were secondary to the administrative needs of my organization and insurer. After suffering for many months, I found that I could no longer wastecrucial time fighting to obtain support from those employed but opposed to help me when I requiredvital health care.

I refocused my energy on seeking the physician, surgeon, and facility most experienced with addressing and correcting my medical needs. After many more delays and dead ends, I located a surgeon/facility with credentials and service that I found confidence in. 16 long months after my acute lumbar pain and work-up began I had lumbar surgery.

My recovery was painfully slow. I felt that after a few weeks, I’d be back to near full function, working and enjoying life. Sadly, this did not happen. Prolonged nerve involvement, pain, medications in addition to the major reconstructive spine surgery left me in an ongoing reduced state, physically, financially, emotionally and socially broken.

It became clear that I had a very long road to recovery thatrequireddetermined expert help. My physical therapy needs were complex and my patience for having my health needsplaced well behind the corporate/commercial objectives of my insurer was exhausted. I researched and visited physical therapists in my area and found little experience that specialized in helping me to overcome my unique list of post surgical problems. I became committed to locating skilled health care providers and advocates that genuinely demonstrated through their actions that addressing my health needs effectively was their sincere priority.

In my quest to become associated with effective health care advocates, I was fortunate to be led to physical therapist Keith Poorbaugh.

Keith has continually exceeded all my expectations as my health advocate and Physical Therapist. In Keith I have found anextraordinarily skilled, genuine and reliable ally that works tirelessly to help me to improvephysical function, activity tolerance and life.During these years where I have felt so broken, Keith has been instrumental in helping me. During this time while I have suffered immeasurably and lost all confidence in obtaininglegitimate help from my fragmented health care system, Keith helped me. He stepped up in innumerable ways to address my many medical needs and collaborated with my other providers successfully on my behalf. Iam honored to share with anyone experiencing disastrous health obstacles like myself, or feeling broken and abandoned by the health care system, that Keith is unquestionably my biggest health advocate and lifesaver.

Thank you Keith


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"I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Like lay on my back. Sit in a recliner. All without pain. This place saved my life rescued me from my pain and was very educational."

Tess Burton

"I went in for a free screening and learned so much. Thanks Northern Edge Physical Therapy!"

Ross Johnston

"In the first appointment, I found some pain relief. I completed the program that he suggested and made a total recovery."

Roxann Benbow

"Northern Edge Physical Therapy is where therapists go for therapy."

Dan Gallagher PT

"With state of the art equipment and top-notch care, you will not find a better team to make you better!"

Brett Bakner