Don't get caught by surprises

Your insurance policy should be your last concern.  That is why we take care of it for you. When you provide us with your insurance information, our front desk will provide you with a road map that minimize your out-of-pocket expenses and maximizes your recovery.  


Q: Do I need a Doctor referral?

A: No, most PT treatments can be approved by insurance without a referral.

Q: If I have a Doctor referral for another clinic, can I still go to NEPT?

A: Yes. The patient can always choose their provider.



"I gave them my insurance information and they walked me through all my benefits. I really appreciated that!"

Ross Johnston, Anchorage

"Terry at the front desk is amazing!!"

Carrie Place, Wasilla

"I made the switch from a different physical therapist and I am forever thankful I did."

Tess Burton, Wasilla

"I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Like lay on my back. Sit in a recliner. All without pain. This place saved my life rescued me from my pain and was very educational."

Tess Burton

"I went in for a free screening and learned so much. Thanks Northern Edge Physical Therapy!"

Ross Johnston

"In the first appointment, I found some pain relief. I completed the program that he suggested and made a total recovery."

Roxann Benbow

"Northern Edge Physical Therapy is where therapists go for therapy."

Dan Gallagher PT

"With state of the art equipment and top-notch care, you will not find a better team to make you better!"

Brett Bakner