Arctic Flow Fitness

Unlike any other fitness program in Wasilla

As physical therapists, our primary role is to restore movement and reduce a client’s pain. We tackle these challenges from many angles but the primary strategy is getting people to enjoy being active and move more frequently. This is a large undertaking in our convenient society where it’s so easy to remain sedentary. One recent survey found out that the typical American sits upwards of 13 hours a day; which leaves little time available for activity since it does not account for the 6-8 hours of sleep per night! We all know what it’s like to get stuck in the same pattern of movement, staying put is not an option. This is why we created the Arctic Flow fitness class; a fun and challenging fitness program that takes a unique approach to diverse patterns of rhythmic movement with resistance.

NEPT Arctic Flow

Have you heard about our Arctic Flow classes? Classes are offered Monday and Thursday nights at 6 pm! Watch this video to see what the Flow is all about! A link to the schedule of all of the classes we offer is posted in the comments, or call the clinic at 631-4029 to find out more!

Posted by Northern Edge Physical Therapy on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Arctic Flow is designed to target the BIG 3 areas that most fitness programs completely disregard; joint mobility, 3-dimensional strength, and rhythm/ coordination. The majority of workout routines focus on only one aspect of fitness. Our program was created to provide structured variability, challenging the mind and body to adapt to more coordinated and powerful movement patterns. It is a unique break from the fixed pattern of exercise and addresses multiple dimensions of fitness. Check out some of our fitness instructors in action.
Classes are offered Monday and Thursday nights at 6 pm! See schedule below or simply call the clinic at 631-4029 to find out more!

Arctic Flow Class Schedule