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Northern Edge Wellness (NEW) Fitness Studio Wasilla

The Northern Edge Wellness (NEW) Studio is the first of its kind in Wasilla. The NEW Studio offers fitness sessions and group exercise courses to improve overall fitness and performance, while emphasizing strength, coordination, and movement stability. Our skilled fitness instructors are passionate about providing the best fitness experience to challenge you at every level while keeping every class fun and interactive. Come experience our fitness studio in Wasilla, Alaska.

Fitness Classes in Wasilla

Pilates Mat Class

We offer a Pilates program that incorporates the Stott Pilates method with revolutionary exercise principles proven to enhance fitness and athletic performance. We ensure that your Pilates experience compliments all aspects of physical therapy and healthy living. Our instructors are trained and certified in the Stott Pilates method. Read more about Pilates Classes >

Arctic Flow Class

Arctic Flow is designed to target the BIG 3 areas that most fitness programs completely disregard; joint mobility, 3-dimensional strength, and rhythm/ coordination. The majority of workout routines focus on only one aspect of fitness. Our program was created to provide structured variability, challenging the mind and body to adapt to more coordinated and powerful movement patterns. It is a unique break from the fixed pattern of exercise and addresses multiple dimensions of fitness. Read more about Arctic Flow Classes >

NEPT Arctic Flow

Have you heard about our Arctic Flow classes? Classes are offered Monday and Thursday nights at 6 pm! Watch this video to see what the Flow is all about! A link to the schedule of all of the classes we offer is posted in the comments, or call the clinic at 631-4029 to find out more!

Posted by Northern Edge Physical Therapy on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Barre Class

Inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates, barre tones and lengthens all major muscles, revs your heart rate, and strengthens your body​ from the inside out​.​ ​Barre mixes athleticism, grace, and ​breath awareness to balance the body. ​This approach gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn—without pain in areas of the body prone to injury.​ Read more about Barre Classes >

Yoga Class

The yoga classes offered at Northern Edge focus on the flow with breath and movement to build strength and flexibility. Explore the connections between poses while listening to your beautiful breath. Inversions and arm balances may be included. This is an all levels class and can be modified to fit your needs. Read more about Yoga Classes >

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