Healing Power of You By Dr. Keith Poorbaugh

When you hurt, you want answers. What caused the pain, and what can you do to recover? For people struggling with persistent or recurrent pain, however, those answers are difficult or impossible to obtain. Even so, it is possible to live a life with less pain—to heal and be well.

In Healing Power of You, Dr. Keith Poorbaugh shares insights from his personal and clinical experience to help explain the cause of musculoskeletal pain. He then offers a rationale based upon recent scientific evidence demonstrating the danger of choosing a medical fix rather than the path toward wellness and healing. Every well human moves to heal, and you can rediscover the true nature of tissue healing to foster natural pain relief from musculoskeletal conditions. Take the opportunity to explore current knowledge on the mystery of healing from pain. Science is always changing, but one thing remains true and constant: the musculoskeletal system is designed to heal.

Designed for those suffering from chronic pain, this guide presents a solution-based approach to pain relief that encourages healing and lifestyle changes for improved wellness.

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh


Dr. Keith Poorbaugh is an accomplished physical therapist living in Alaska. He has more than twenty-five years of clinical experience working with clients suffering from musculoskeletal pain. He has published research articles in peer-reviewed journals and teaches courses to help medical providers develop a natural path towards pain management.

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