Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What about the cost of physical therapy?
Northern Edge Physical Therapy follows all applicable state and federal guidelines. By law we are required to follow certain billing policies:

  • A standard fee schedule must be applied for all services rendered to clients
  • All co-pays and deductibles must be collected at the time of service

In certain circumstances, clients are lacking adequate insurance to cover fees.  You are eligible to receive a discounted rate if all charges are paid at the time of service.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to afford the cost of services, you may apply for a payment plan to spread out the costs of care. Please advise us if you have any concerns about the cost of your care. We will help you sort through the available options.

What makes you different from all of the other physical therapists in the area?

Northern Edge provides clients the physical therapy expertise necessary to achieve quick recovery. Our treatment approach is different because it’s centered on you, the client. You will benefit from our extensive clinical experience complemented by advanced training and certification to ensure you receive the best physical therapy in a supportive and compassionate environment. We honor evidence supported practice and novel approaches to accelerate recovery from orthopedic injury and enhance healing for musculoskeletal conditions and complex pain-related syndromes. We invite you to check out some of our revolutionary programs like Redcord, Alter-G and Dry Needling. Once you visit our facility and meet our staff, you will be convinced that this is not your typical physical therapy clinic.

What type of insurances do you accept?

We accept most forms of insurance, plus Worker’s Compensation insurance. Just because we are not listed in your insurance company’s provider book does not mean we do not accept your insurance. Please call us at (907) 631-4029 to discuss any insurance or cost concerns.

Do you know my doctor?
We are in routine communication with your doctor through frequent progress reports and phone calls. It is essential that you always let us know when you are planning to visit your doctor again so that we can fax him or her recent progress reports, so they are prepared for your visit.
Is there anything I can do at home to help speed the recovery process along?
Absolutely. We will provide you with a customized program that includes advice on how to reduce your pain and individualized exercises. We will help you adapt your work and recreational activities so you can continue the healing process gained from your physical therapy sessions. It is essential that you make some healthy choices and perform the home exercises regularly to control your symptoms and speed up recovery.
How long will each appointment take?
Most visits are around 1 hour in duration. Please call us if you can’t make your appointment so we can open that appointment slot for someone else that may need it. It is very important to be on-time for your appointment. If you are late to your appointment, this will cut into your time with your therapist.
How often will I need to attend physical therapy?
Most patients are treated two to three times per week. The total duration of physical therapy will depend on the severity of your injury and the plan of care established by your Physical Therapist. The more committed you are to your recovery (meaning you regularly attend your PT sessions), the more likely you are to recover faster. We try to set up appointment times to help make scheduling consistent, and we offer early morning, evening, & Saturday appointments in order to enable you to fit PT into your busy schedule.
What should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?
Please dress comfortably in clothes that allow the affected area to easily be exposed. If you are coming straight from work, please bring along some loose fitting clothing such as a pair of sweats or shorts, and sports-top. Also, please bring shoes that you normally wear at work and during exercise to allow us to evaluate them for proper wear and support.
What types of treatments do you perform?

We perform a wide array of treatments, and will customize a program combining evidence supported and novel approaches to provide the most effective treatment geared towards your particular injury. We pride ourselves on providing skilled hands-on care and manual therapy to include such things as soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, training for balance and posture, pelvic floor treatment, therapeutic exercises, and more. The treatment program will vary based on your injury, and will be performed using the most advanced rehabilitation equipment. We are the only site in the Mat-Su Valley that offers specialized training for balance, strength and Neurac rehabilitation on the Redcord system.

Do I need a script from my physician?
No, a script is not required by state law. Physical therapy is direct access in the state of Alaska. However; certain insurances require that you have a script from your medical provider to have your care eligible for insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance provider for details specific to your plan.
What should I expect on my first visit?
Upon arrival at our facility, you will be asked to fill out some registration paperwork. You can save time, by downloading the registration checklist (Register for Physical Therapy). Please don’t forget to bring in your completed registration checklist, form of identification and payment. If applicable, a prescription for physical therapy may be necessary. Also, it is helpful if you bring any reports about your condition (operative reports, X-ray and/or MRI results). Your physical therapist will conduct an evaluation which includes a thorough history with a series of questions about your past and present medical conditions, before performing a comprehensive examination of your muscles, joints, nerves, tendons, and ligaments including range of motion, strength and functional testing. An individual treatment plan will be designed to meet your goals, based on diagnosis and the prognosis for recovery. Future appointments will be scheduled per your established plan of care.
How do I get started?

Northern Edge Physical Therapy makes it easy for you to get started. Just click on Register for Physical Therapy to access a complete checklist of what you’ll need to get started right away. Then call us at (907) 631-4029 to schedule your first appointment or use the form to schedule an appointment. Typically, we can see you within 24 hours of your call, and that call is the first step in getting you on the path to healing.

Come see us. Make your first step towards healing.