Patient Case Studies

Testimonial: Traveling Man

“The amount of reduction in pain I had and the increased mobility I obtained,” are just a few reasons why Ray chose Northern Edge Physical Therapy.

Ray is an avid traveler, who came to NEPT because of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder pain are common conditions with 70% of the population having neck pain at some time in their life.

Ray would soon be traveling to Europe, needing to be able to carry luggage and be mobile to traverse across Europe. Ray was pleased with the care and attention given to him to help determine a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis. “Once there your condition is determined, and a plan of treatment is set in motion.”

Ray appreciated the one on one care he received at NEPT. “Their physical part was easy to do as the staff made it enjoyable and it wasn’t just a machine.” He has promised to return if he ever needs care in the future.
Ray says, “The care is excellent.”

Safe travels to Europe, Ray!

Testimonial: Let’s Move

Bonita came to Northern Edge Physical Therapy after an accident left her in pain throughout her body. She was on a strict timeline to pack up her home and move south to warmer weather, but her injuries made that a challenging feat.

Bonita was pleasantly surprised when she found herself at NEPT. “The staff knows the body mechanics of the injured areas and therefore know how to assist the healing process for faster recovery.” Bonita enjoyed the benefits she received from NEPTs multimodal approach to include dry needling, fascial manipulation, and movement intervention.

Throughout Bonita’s care, she has successfully packed her home and will be moving out of Alaska soon. If Bonita was not moving she would return to NEPT for future care because, “the staff are very professional and have great personalities.” Bonita said staff at NEPT went the extra mile with constant encouragement during her recovery process.

Enjoy the warmer weather, Bonita!

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